10 days of action to protect democracy: action 5

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Excited to have you here! If you're just joining us, check out the 10 Days of Action information page.

 The Issue

We aren't just voting for President in 47 days, a lot of us also have important local elections on this day as well. These candidates and elections don't get as much air time as the presidential election but are extremely important in the civil rights movement we are in right now. In case you missed this day in Civics 101- or never had this day because we were instead learning trigonometry equations that really when will most of us ever use- I'm going to break down a few of these offices.

Offices @ Federal Level:

Congress: Senate and House of Representatives. Important because they pass bills to make laws. Bad ones pass bad bills and block good bills (recent examples: healthcare, coronavirus relief, bailouts). ALSO IMPORTANT: Senators confirm Supreme Court judge nominations. In the next presidency we will see, at a minimum, two new Supreme Court judges. Whoever wins the presidency will nominate someone who then a simple Senate majority confirms. This could be very, very bad for equal rights.

Offices @ State Level

Judges: Some states elect judges but some don't. Judges interpret laws. Are you tired of seeing Black people unjustly committed? Research the judges on your ballot and make an informed decision on Election Day.

State Legislature: Senators and House of Representatives. Vote on new laws, modify existing laws. Good ones pass good laws and change bad laws, bad ones pass bad laws and change good laws. Change at this level matters, a LOT. Things state legislators across the US have done just this year:

  • Restricted abortion access 
  • Suppressed voting rights Public schools being defunded 
  • Guns in daycares
  • Reduced access to welfare

Research your state legislators on the ballot and make some change.

Governor: Governors handle allll the statewide stuff, the president of your state. How was your state's coronavirus response? How did they respond to BLM? Did they take extreme measures to suppress voters (*cough cough Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Kansas*)? GET ๐Ÿ‘THEM ๐Ÿ‘ OUT ๐Ÿ‘. This might be an off year for their re-election so pay attention to future election cycles.

Offices @ Local Level

These offices look different depending on your city but mayors, city council, sheriffs, county commissioners all play a role in creating and enforcing laws.

The Action 

One of the most important things you can do is show up to the polls informed, and inform those around you. 

Step 1: Check your state's ballot here.

Step 2: Take 30 minutes to research your candidates. The Civil Review Board has done a lot of the lifting by collecting surveys from hundreds of candidates across the country, find your politicians' responses here. Google is also your friend - it's important to understand where politicians stand and their history on issues that impact our democracy and social justice. I break down a lot of these topics in my Instagram highlights titled #WUW.

Step 3: Share your findings with friends. Email your findings and the CRB Survey Results to your network, talk about it with your family and friends.


State and local elections matter more than ever. Research your candidates. Check your state's ballot here, read politicians' survey responses here, google their past and stance on issues that impact social justice.

See yall out there.

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