10 days of action to protect democracy: action 9

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Issue

Florida continues to be the class embarrassment who causes us all to lose recess on a regular basis, and their latest move to uphold a law requiring felons to pay off all fines and fees is the latest example. Well this time we're not just going to sit in the dark classroom with our heads down (did anyone else have to do that when you owed a recess? Seems borderline abusive now that I reflect on this)- we're taking action to support the 1.4 million voters (yes, 1.4 MILLION) disenfranchised by this ruling.

But fist, let's discuss why this matters so much:

A) It's a poll tax.  

B) It directly suppresses the Black vote (ICYMI Black people are more likely to be arrested, charged, and serve time across the board due to a host of things like bias in the criminal justice system, the war on drugs, the school to prison pipeline to name just a few ways American justice screws over Black citizens. See herehere, here for receipts). 

C) The sh*t show that is Florida does not have a statewide system in place to let potential voters know how much money they owe. I'll take "dumpster fire" for $500, Trebek!

D) Florida is a battleground state with a whopping 29 electoral college votes, the fourth most in the country. Black voters, aka the majority of voters suppressed by this law, overwhelmingly vote Democrat. Republicans, can you at least TRY to not be so obvious? 

E) This ruling was made eight WEEKS before the election. WEEKS. So hoping in the course of a few weeks voters can find out how much they owe, pay it, get it processed, AND register. My life is extremely easy in comparison and I can't figure out why the DMV has't processed my payment for my updated license. So, ok sure.

What We Can Do

The FRRC is a grassroots org run by formerly convicted citizens dedicated to ending disenfranchisement against convicted citizens returning to society. Right now they are working with We Got the Vote to help Floridians pay off their fees and fines and register to vote. 

Click here to donate money towards paying off fines and fees so a Floridian can register to vote ASAP (if everyone participating in this challenge donated $5 we could pay off fees MANY full voters(!!!)). 

Click here to volunteer with the FRRC (remote roles available - data crunchers, dialers, etc!)


We aren't letting Florida get away with disenfranchising felons. Click here to donate money towards paying off fines and fees so a Floridian can register to vote ASAP, click here to volunteer with the FRRC.

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