2020 Election: Understanding Joe Biden's Education Plan

Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Two weeks to the biggest election of our lifetime y'all  As we discussed, the most effective way to sway voters is to spread the word about Joe Biden's plans (NOT spreading negative stories about 45). Send a few emails, post on Facebook, repost the Instagram post that outlines it. Today we are discussing the #3 most persuasive topic for voters: Education. Some of you may remember that I used to work in education (in public schools and then policy) so this 👏 is 👏 my 👏 JAM. 

Talking Points

  • As president, Joe Biden will provide educators the support and respect they need and deserve and invest in all children from birth, so that regardless of their zip code, parents’ income, race, or disability, they are prepared to succeed in tomorrow’s economy.
  • Joe and Kamala want to get everyone back to school safely, and they have a plan. They would get schools clear guidelines and resources to implement them, support state and local officials, and always follow the science. 
  • In the long term, Joe and Kamala believe every American should have access to quality, affordable higher education. Joe and Kamala’s plan makes public college tuition-free for the vast majority of families, offers free community college for all, and invests $70 billion in HBCUs and other Minority-Serving Institutions.

    The Plans

    President Biden will support our educators by giving them the pay and dignity they deserve.
    • Joe Biden will triple Title I funding to provide higher pay for teachers in low income districts.
      • Note: Title I provides financial assistance to local educational agencies for children from low-income families 
    • Fix and simplify existing Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, creating a system that actually helps
      • Note:  If you teach full-time for five years in a low-income school or educational service agency, teachers may be eligible for forgiveness of up to $17,500. Like most other govt programs, this is extremely complicated to navigate and requires lots of red tape cutting that many can't do.
    • Invest in teacher mentoring, leadership, and additional education, providing opportunities for teachers to advance their careers and keeping quality teachers in schools.

    Joe Biden will invest in resources for our schools so students grow into physically and emotionally healthy adults, and educators can focus on teaching.
    • Double the number of psychologists, counselors, nurses, social workers, and other health professionals in  schools 
    • Turn schools into community hubs that provide this wraparound support for an additional 300k students & families
    • Funding specifically for improving public school buildings. to address health risks
    • Defeat the NRA - again - to keep schools safe

    Early Childhood
    Joe Biden will start investing in our children at birth.
    • Universal Pre-K for 3 and 4 year-olds
    • Expand home visits through the ACA 
    • Fund early childhood experts in community centers
    Tomorrow we'll focus on Joe Biden's plans for higher education - stay tuned!


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