Stuff I Like RN 11.2020

Monday, November 30, 2020

šŸŽµListening: Spotify's Lo-fi Christmas playlist is great background music. 

⛓Accessorizing: I have this sweat-proof mask chain in "Flashy" and it is required in 2020. Especially convenient for outdoor dining and drinking so you don't have to set your mask down or put it in your dirty purse. I wear it with this insanely comfortable satin mask with a filter pocket.

šŸ‹️‍♀️Exercising: I finally caved and got a Peloton bike. If you cave too you can use my referral code for $100 off accessories: WTQY7W. Besides the bike I love their strength workouts and bootcamps, especially with Jess Sims. AND finally found dumbbells at Target.

šŸŽ§Listening: In my attempt to get 10,000 steps a day I'm listening to a lot of podcasts (send recs please). Code Switch's "The White Elephant in the Room" digs into the racial voting trends we can't stop talking about (what's up with the Latinx voters and Trump? And the Christians??). Invisibilia's "White vs. White" shares the story of a city council member who claimed he was Black, and what does it even mean? Case Closed tell binge-worthy true crime stories that have actually been solved. Currently gearing up for season 3's Amish murder mystery.

šŸ“ŗWatching: On HBO Max: Based on the Apollo Theater's adaption of the book, Between the World and Me is powerful and educational. Michaela Coel's  I May Destroy You is the best show I've watched in 2020. Netflix: I would usually roll my eyes at these people but some reason the Andersons got me in Country Ever After. Everything Pharrell touches turns to gold and his attempt to start a gospel choir Voices of Fire is no exception. 

šŸ‘–Wearing: I may be single-handedly keeping Old Navy open with my sweat suit obsession. Even though I look like a middle school boy headed to gym class, they're so soft I live in them. Joggers and sweatshirts. Plus I accidentally threw in this insanely soft sherpa sweater in forest shade that I love.

šŸ¾Practical: I love a glass of champagne but I hate opening a bottle because I'm never going to finish it. These bottle stoppers work for wine AND champagne and keep my champs/rose bubbly for days.

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