Sunday Reading List 11.22.2020

Sunday, November 22, 2020


America Had a Reckoning on Race This Year. The Election Showed How Little Has Changed (Time): The work did not end with the election. See y'all out there.

"Emily in Paris" and the Rise of Ambient TV (The New Yorker): I call it background shows and keep them on when I'm doing social media stuff or tedious manual work (I loved my open concept office and the noise helps me focus). This list  (and the Fab 5) has gotten me through 2020.

Pandemic Pet Therapy (NPR): There is actual psychological research out there that says we are more than just crazy dog people. 

The Cult of Peloton: how it became a pandemic obsession (Independent): I caved and got one. And if I am dropping that kind of coin, you know it's real.
The Best Way to Improve Schools? Invest in Teachers (Vox): They studied 150 interventions around the world to figure out this one. LMAO my IG could have saved y'all a lot of time and money!

Write Down Your Team's Unwritten Rules (HBR): I'm going to do this tomorrow. Such good points about the extra stress it puts on employees who aren't sure what's ok and what's not.

98 Million Tik Tok Followers Can't Be Wrong (The Atlantic): Ok I get Tik Tok, I don't get this.

Diverse employees are struggling the most during COVID-19—here’s how companies can respond (McKinsey): BIPOC, women, and LGBTQIA+ are experiencing greater challenges and mental health issues than their counterparts. This study outlines the research and the action steps companies can take to support.

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