2020.12.13 Sunday Reading List

Sunday, December 13, 2020

The 2020 Pollsters' Blind Spots (Teen Vogue): tbh I didn't know pollsters' role and how important they are in shaping our future. A look into what they do, what went wrong in 2020, and how to fix.

A brief history of Georgia's runoff voting (Yahoo News): Spoiler alert -no one else does runoffs because its roots are racist af! (P.S. if you're in GA please vote for Warnock and Ossoff - make your plan for early voting today plz)

America was expecting a COVID baby boom but they got an egg freezing boom instead (The Lily): Egg freezing at Langone is up 41% compared to this time last year - even though NYC clinics were closed for 3 whole months! What is up with this? 

Ethiopia's Humanitarian Crisis Explained (Vox): Brief on the conflict in Ethiopia and the humanitarian crisis that ensued.

Disenfranchising voters with disabilities (NYT): People with disabilities represent 95% of COVID deaths in Alabama, yet SCOTUS blocked a trial judge’s ruling permitting Alabama counties to offer curbside voting as a reasonable accommodation to disabled voters. A whole side I hadn't considered.

How to Build Trust in the COVID-19 Vaccine  (The Atlantic): A follow up to our #WakeUpWednesday conversation last week.

Is Mormon Culture Really Plastic Surgery Obsessed? (Vice): Why can't I stop reading about Mormon lifestyle??!!! RHOSLC has turned me into a monster!

Is American Dietetics a White-Bread World? These Dietitians Think So (NYT): The argument that dietitians ignore different body types and diet needs. Proud to see a colleague of mine quoted on the inequitable barriers to entry in the nutrition industry!

How to make your virtual company holiday party not suck (Inc): Practical tips to rethink the company holiday party. It doesn't have to suck. 

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