Sunday Reading List12.6.2020

Sunday, December 6, 2020



What Do Inclusive Leaders Sound Like? (HBR): A study analyzed leaders' behaviors and audience reactions to determine which behaviors drive audiences to believe perceive their leaders as inclusive. Must-read for anyone leading people in 2020.

'Flexing their power': how America's richest zip code stays exclusive (The Guardian): Housing inequality is all systemic and it even happens in California.

The Dream Job Is Dead. Long Live the Good Enough Job (Refinery 29): What does it mean about you if you're not pursuing your dream job? 2020 has completely changed my perspective on work and this was a timely read.

It’s time to recognize the forgotten Americans who helped elect Joe Biden (WaPo): Six Native Americans were elected to Congress and Native Americans tipped the scale in a lot of states in this election, despite all they are currently up against when it comes to voting rights. 

As Police Departments Outsource Officer Training to Save Money, Society May Be Paying the Price (Time): For profit education companies running police trainings with no regulation or oversight - what could possibly go wrong? This article goes into how police training works (or doesn't) - and the fact that officers can be out in the streets before ANY training, and looks at states that require less training for police offers than for barbers. I just...

The number of Black female founders who have raised more than $1 million has nearly tripled since 2018 (Fortune): And their businesses are trending to be more successful in 2020 than their counterparts. Let's keep supporting the Black-owned businesses!

How Black Lives Matter Is Changing the Church (New Yorker): Side eye to the churches who serve a radical liberal activist but are currently "avoiding politics" which is code for "letting racism slide".

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