2022.9.18 Sunday Reading List

Sunday, September 18, 2022


The above is a reminder I have needed this week. Constant change has left me feeling insecure and less confident in speaking my mind. Hope everyone remembers their super powers this week and crushes it. We deserve it.

Why are plastic surgery reversals on the rise? (Refinery 29): What happens when a BBL goes out of style, how it gets reversed, and why. (TW: I read somewhere that the BBL is out because low rise pants are in, and for those of us who have to jump into our jeans...we know low rise isn't for us).

How to talk to kids about scary things they seen in the news (Psychology Today): Five rules for the generation who was left out of these conversations when we were kids.

High performing teams don't leave work relationships up to chance (HBR): People with friendships at work are more productive and more likely to retain. How we can build friendships on our teams.  s/o to my work wife turned best friend <3.

A linguistics expert explains the Latino/Latinx confusion (ABC News): The data and the history behind the words.

The part of pregnancy no one talks about (WaPo): The aforementioned work wife sent me this column with a screenshot of this quote , the whole thing resonated with me so much and I wish I had read before I was pregnant. Also Elaine is a great IG follow. 

I don’t have all the answers, but what I can say is this: Just as your body expands and contracts to accommodate the big changes to come, so does your life. Sometimes the contractions are the most painful part — and I don’t mean the labor pains we hear about all the time. There will be parts of your world that will necessarily shrink, filtering out what is no longer helpful, healthy or sustainable when growing new life inside. But it will expand again, with a newfound perspective.

China's Generation DINK is fueling a demographic time bomb (Fortune): The irreversible impact of the one child policy on China's perception of fertility + cut throat school/professional culture + consumerism = even government incentives can't encourage Dual Income No Kids populations to have kids. And it's a major threat to the economy.


  1. I was reading a science fiction novel recently and even stayed up until 3. It might be time to read some meaningful books, and I'm going to read some of your recommended books!

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