Work Wear: Kohl's Clearance Rack Edition

Friday, August 23, 2013


My favorite thing about shopping at Kohl's might be how the receipt shows how much you saved at the bottom. HA yeah don't mind me, just saving almost $100 today! My second favorite thing about shopping at Kohl's is how nothing is ever NOT on sale. Every time I go to the register I get a sale surprise..and am that girl who celebrates with the cashier "I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS $4!!!!!! LET'S HUG!!" The third thing I love is that my girl Lauren Conrad has a clothing line there. As someone who feels they went through high school with the Laguna Beach class, then had a summer internship in LA at the same time The Hills was airing (really who didn't feel the regret with LC when she returned from her horrible summer at the beach with Jason instead of going to PARIS), I feel like I'm supporting an old friend when I buy her clothes. Call me crazy but I know at one point or another everyone in my generation of MTV watchers feels it too.

I got a nice pair of Elle Skinny Twill Ankle Pants for $25! I have kept my eye on every sale that comes up (Express, The Loft, Anne Taylor, etc) and searched Targets and TJ Maxxs (wait is that how you pluralize Maxx?) far and wide for a good pair of black dress pants for under $40 that don't look like Mom Pants and this is the best deal. I got two blouses from LC's line (one is called Coachella Sunrise- you're too cool, LC) that I will pair with blazers and cardigans or wear with my pencil skirts. I also grabbed a Croft & Barrow Open Front Long cream colored cardigan to wear with dresses as the weather cools off.

So thanks, LC for getting me through high school, being there for me in LA, and now dressing me for work. Go girl.

All of the clearance items are also available for the same price on .


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