DISCOUNT 40% OFF TOMS SALE!! On Zulily TOMORROW (or today depending on when you see this)!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Yall! Set an alarm!! It's virtually impossible to find actual discount Toms sales but this is legit so set your alarms and get up for Zulily's massive Tom's sale! They have women's, men's and kid's in all styles and sizes. Also after you buy you can send a link to your friends and when THEY buy you get $15 off your next purchase. If you follow this blog you know I buy everything from bakeware to jewelry  to atheltic wear on Zulily. Basically if I own anything namebrand, it comes from Zulily- you know this girl doesn't pay full price for that kinda stuff.

*Word from an experienced Zulily bargain shopper: last time they had a Toms sale the site crashed around 9:30 am, so I suggest getting on this bright and early. Especially if you, like myself, have the most common shoe size in the world (8) and it automatically sells out everywhere in every style that anyone else wants to buy.

Check out some of the Toms styles coming on Zulily:

PS did anyone know Toms has a bangin men's line? I had no idea! Good thing Harrison doesn't read this blog because he'd be seeing his birthday and Christmas gift this year (first 2 below). 
Gonna put my yonce (aka fiance) in a pair of these babies for $44 Gray Denim Desert Botas

$74 Black Suede Brogue
$37 Hemp Embroidery Classic

I got these!! $31 Natural Zebra Zag Classic

$44 Multi Knit Classics- look at that lining!

$44 Natural Zebra Zag Wedge Sandal

$42 Coral Crochet Wedge Sandals

Why do I want these? Is this my secret longing for Uggs to be acceptable again? $48- Blue Leopard Denim Fleece High Botas

$48 Mixed Taupe Suede Tribal Boots


  1. Thanks for the tip! Just picked up a pair :)

    1. Yay! I love Toms but hate spending the money so this is perfect!

  2. I'm definitely loving the new styles that Toms has been putting out, I wasn't a fan of the shape of the originals!

    1. I love the new styles too! I bought one pair and am thinking maybe I should go for another...haha


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