DC Happy Hour- ON A BOAT

Friday, September 20, 2013

Picture from ridetheboomerang.com

Few things make one feel as glamorous as sipping cocktails on a chartered yacht. Thanks to The Boomerang, everyone can feel this glamorous for a mere $15 (which includes your first drink!). Here's my breakdown:

  • Average Drink Price: $5 (after your first free drink)
  • Service: Excited, friendly, fast enough- we did a little bit of waiting but we're on a boat!
  • Good for Groups: MADE FOR GROUPS
  • Mood: Different sections of the boat allow you to make it whatever mood you want it to be. Turning up is strongly encouraged
  • Outdoor Seating: It's a boat.
  • Try the: Shotskis! A ski with 5 shotglasses mounted on it for group shots (love teamwork)
 We tried this out for my birthday in May- 30 of us purchased $12 Capitol Deal for 2 hours on the Boomerang including our first drink, and organizing a 30-person outing could not have been easier thanks to the easy reservation system.

We arrived to the Georgetown Waterfront around 4:30pm for our 5:30 departure so sat at Nick's and sipped on sangria to get the party started. The boat holds 70 people, but on a Thursday night the 30 of us took over and the 10 additional people on the boat joined our party. The staff was so friendly and patient with our group (some may have been a little tipsy already and having a hard time following directions), and upon boarding the boat encouraged us to turn all the way up. Back-to-back shotskis were poured, our song requests blasted from an ipod, the dance floor filled up, and binge drinking ensued.

Two hours is the perfect amount of time for the happy hour cruise. We got to see all the sights from the top deck and/or front of the boat, nicely chat it up, and enjoy the dance floor and bar. Everyone put their business cards in a bowl when we boarded the boat and a week later got an invite to discounted and free boat rides, which turned this summer into our summer on a boat. I can't encourage this enough as an affordable way for Washington, DC sight-seeing or just a fun happy hour. Just be careful if you decide to eat in Georgetown afterwards- you have to walk by a fountain that is just SO inviting to some people who did multiple shotskis and sweated it up on the boat's dance floor. This can be extremely embarrassing if it is your birthday (birthdays make me feel too old for everything) and it is your boyfriend who is sprinting into the fountain at full speed in front of your 30 guests and various onlookers.

PS- there is a Boomerang LivingSocial Deal happening RIGHT NOW! I can't wait to happy hour as we view the fall foliage on the mall (I know I'm such a grandma, I love foliage).
The happy hour cruise goes by all the sights!

The cabin/dance floor
The shotskis. Team shots!

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