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Monday, September 16, 2013

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"Wait so you go down to a sketchy Asian basement in Dupont and let them touch your coochie?" -Good friend 2 months ago. As of one month ago she is a regular at Dupont Nail. It's that much of a bang for your buck yall.

  • Price: $35 Brazilian, $8-$12 eyebrow IN DC YALL
  • Service: Kim is great. She's really sweet and truly cares about her service. And she waxes her own self. I don't know what says you can trust a waxer more than that...
  • Quality: Same quality as an $80 wax I got a Groupon for a few years ago.
  • Cleanliness: They change out the wax after every appointment and do the same with the table coverings. This makes me feel even better than other places that just don't "double dip"

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I discovered this place 2 summer ago when they were advertising their $35 Brazilians- $35!!! In DC!!!! At that point I was so desperate for a clean-up that I didn't care that it gives off the aura of a Vietnamese basement dive salon, so I went for it and have been going back to Kim every 4-6 weeks since then. Kim is so sweet and gives you a hug every time you come in, like, she really cares. (They have since been taken over by a salon management company and it has a better feel inside.)
I understand one of the ways they can keep their prices so low is by using regular brand products (i.e. aloe vera, Neosporin), but an old waxer friend told me that most salons just put "Neosporin" into a bottle with an exotic label and tell you it is a special healing cream from another country, so I don't feel that gypped by the fact that Kim doesn't try to hide the products she's using. When I go in for the eyebrow/Brazilian combo they give a little discount and only charge $42 for all the services which is still half the price of just a Brazilian at other places. I have never had my nails done here before because it is a little pricier than Revo and I just can't justify that extra $8 (it's a whole eyebrow wax!), but a friend has said good things about their gel manis. Also not sure if this is a selling point for anyone out there, but they just got a new chocolate flavored wax that smells like chocolate. I might be missing something but I really don't understand that. Neither does Kim. If anyone has information about the benefits of chocolate wax, please let me know. Until then Kim and I are assuming the salon management company has a fetish.

Here is the price list:

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