$25 Mani/Pedi at Revo Nails

Monday, August 26, 2013

Price: $25 mani/pedi
Service: Friendly and attentive
Quality: Thorough and good!
Cleanliness: Looked good to me!
Gotta walk to the back wall to find the colors on U St
When I first saw the giant banner hanging outside Revo Nails I rushed to the computer and looked fothe catch- $25 Mani/Pedi? Where am I- NYC?? These prices just don't exist in DC, even in the burbs. After sifting through Yelp reviews (because they don't seem to have a website- red flag?) it seemed legit, and I consulted my good friend who is a nail connoisseur and she told me she goes there on the reg, so I gave it a try. And you know what? It was much better than I was expecting for $25 in DC.

Yelp had complaints about Revo not having a good selection of colors, but when I walked to the back of the shop there were two walls of nail polish. I mean maybe 1/4 of the colors were OPI and there were 4 Essies but I buy whatever is $.99 at CVS so I'm not complaining. I went at 1:00 on a Friday afternoon and there was zero wait, but my nail friend told me if you get there after 5pm you usually have to wait. My nail technician was super sweet- actually awkwardly sweet (NT: "You're soo pretty, I love you pretty hands, does your boyfriend love your pretty hands?" Me: "Umm actually people always make fun of my baby hands...I'm kind of insecure let's not talk about my baby hands anymore please this is so awkward?"). The pedi jet tub worked, massage chairs worked, the whole time, which is a major improvement over the last place I got a $25 only-available-Wednesdays-before-4pm pedi. For an extra $10 they would have thrown in a salt massage but I'm not into spending money (duh) so I passed. Plus they were really thorough with the pedi cleaning so I didn't really feel like I needed it.

The only down side was the lack of AC. I know I'm sweatier than the average person, like prescription deodorant sweaty, but this was out of control hot. I was afraid my freaking fingernails were sweating and the polish would run right off (they weren't and it didn't). But I was satisfied when I left- the mani lasted a solid week (the norm for me...I'm pretty destructive) and the pedi is still on a month later. So my recommendation: if you go to the U Street location wait for the weather to cool down, or just try out the other locations. But hey, for $25 I'm down for anything.

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  1. They are really great! They also have locations in Cleveland Park and Mt. Pleasant! They are also always on Groupon or Living Social and you can get a fancier manicure or pedicure for the same price (paraffin, hot stone...). Some of the other locations do not have the greatest color selection but they allow you to bring your own!


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