New FREE 30 Day Challenge with Mr. Shut Up and Train {starting October 7}

Friday, September 27, 2013

He's back at it! Mr. Shut Up and Train is bringing another FREE 30 day challenge. This is a great program- he e-mails you the workouts every morning as well as a food challenge (no flour, no sugar, etc) with recipes. Go on-line and sign up here to join me and over 200,000 others for the 30 Day Challenge starting October 7th! I have never had much upper-body strength, and when I started the first 30-day challenge my goal was to be able to do 10 pushups without going on my knees. By the end of the 30 days I could do THIRTY (yes, THIRTY) pushups before I had to get on my knees. Also things like running up 7 flights of stairs to my apartment became walks in the park after the challenge. I really can't recommend this enough: it's free, safe, all you need is a tiny space, and you will see changes in your body if you really stick it out.

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