Mr. Shut Up and Train

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Let me start by saying that my goal in doing this 30 Day Challenge was to be able to do 15 pushups by the end (and lose approximately 100 lbs but whatever), and by the 30th day I could do 30 (YES THREE - ZERO) traveling pushups before I had to give myself a break and get on my knees.

Mr. Shut Up and Train is as scary and insane as it sounds. And it's free. When I did the 30 day challenge combined with clean eating I actually noticed results, and felt guilty when I skipped a day because this man is so intense that I think he knows when I skip. Which is weird that I think that...clearly I have weird attachments to my youtube workout buddies. But anyway he posts for each day and a food challenge. It's great. You also do a weekly baseline assessment so you can actually see your progress which is really motivating! So check it out, be sore, and enjoy the No Gym Lifestyle. Mr. Shut Up and Train 30 Day Challenge

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