Wednesday {40 minute} Workout

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This. Was. Killer. But it felt good to get to the end. This HIIT Ladder from Fitness Blender includes a 3 minute warm up (by minute 3 I was like THIS is a warm up??) and 17 minutes of a HIIT Ladder- you start with 4 exercises for 60 seconds each followed by a break, then each exercise for 50 seconds each, break, each exercise for 40 seconds each, break and so on. Trust me, it feels so good at the end. Everything was burning which made the abs challenge incredibly difficult. Click "read more" to see the videos and arm tutorial (click "read full post" to see arms and abs):
Fitness Blender's Brutal HIIT Ladder: (20 mins)

Blogilates Abs All Night: 5 mins

My own arm workout:
20 tricep dips with legs extended (modified version: bend knees)
20 second break
20 bicep curls (use whatever weights you feel comfortable with. I use 8 pounders)
20 second break 
20 tricep extensions (might need to use lighter weights than for the biceps)
20 second break 
20 shoulder flies (I use the same weights as for the bicep curls)
60 second break
Repeat 3 more times (for a total of 4 sets). 

Here are some pictures of the arm workouts, I know I get confused (a fly? dips? kickbacks? they get so confusing)

 Tricep Dips with Legs Extended:

Picture from
 Bicep Curls
picture from

 Tricep Extensions
Picture from
Shoulder Flies
Picture from

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