Boots on Boots on Boots

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Oopsies got paid, ordered 3 pairs of boots from JustFab, assumed I would only like one and send the rest back, keeping them all. And so the story goes. Each pair was $39, but if you order for the first time they are BOGO. It doesn't get better than that people. Also I exchanged the pairs I ordered last time because they didn't fit, and JustFab's return policy is so freaking easy and actually free (no re-stocking fees). I put them back in the box, printed out the return form they e-mailed me, and taped it all together at the Post Office. Annnddd if the post office is too busy you can go to UPS or FedEx or anywhere. They are all good quality, will definitely last a few fall/winters. Definitely a bang for the buck as I just saw Forever21 has a similar black bootie for $37, but it doesn't feel as sturdy as JustFab's boots, and I've never had much success finding comfortable shoes from Forever.
JustFab's Sam

JustFab's Jesse

JustFab's Sharona

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