Fall Workwear: The Pattern Blazer {under $30}

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

As soon as cooler weather sets in my wardrobe turns grey and black. This year's fall resolution: try to look alive- cut back on the black and grey! Cue the patterned blazer. These are some great options to spice up the work wardrobe but still keep it professional.
  1. LC Lauren Conrad Floral Tux Blazer $21.00 @ Kohls: My girl makes great work clothes for really affordable prices. Love love love this, especially how the black collar and zipper pockets that tone it down a bit.
  2. Sofia by Sofia Vergara Women's Open Front Blazer- Leopard Print $29 @ K-Mart: So yeah, I guess K-Mart's still here thanks to Sofia Vergara. I actually read somewhere that she is making mad bank off her K-Mart clothing line, surprising since I didn't know K-Mart was making bank off anything right now. But hey, this is a classy looking leopard blazer and I like the look of this with bright pants and a neutral blouse.
  3. Jersey Blazer Dark Blue/Pattern $17 @ H&M : I know, it's jersey. But it actually looks professional and is super comfortable and not too bunchy (you know how blazers can be that way?). I like how this incorporates comfort, professionalism and the geo-tribal-pattern or whatever we're calling it this season. 
  4. Mossimo Women's Printed Sateen Blazer Jacket $17 @ Target: I've really been dating myself lately by saying "I miss when I used to go to Target with $20 and come out with at least 2 pieces of good clothing", but they're back at it with affordable clothes. The light sateen fabric is great for sweaty people like me (hello I just walked 5 blocks from a crowded bus can we please turn the heat in this office down). It's a pretty busy pattern, I would pair it with a black or white shirt and black pants, or put it over a black or white dress.

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