Fitness Blender's "Busy People" Challenge

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I really struggle with challenges, similar to a lot of my bloggy friends (no one hates a challenge as hilariously much as my girl Jasmine). Usually I go strong for a few days then get bored, end up doing the workouts randomly whenever I feel like it. HOWEVER, I've completed one FitnessBlender Challenge and I'm pretty sure it's because 5 days is about 100 times more attainable than 30/60/90 days. And they switch it up a lot so you don't get bored. And the videos they make together make me laugh- Kelly and Daniel are awkward just like us!

Check out day one here.

Oh oh oh! All you need is dumbbells too! 30 minutes/day, 5 days, only dumbbells. Win win win.

What do you think of challenges? Do you ever finish them or is it just me (and Jasmine)?


  1. now this, this is something completely doable!

  2. :) Completely doable.

    (Says the girl trying to accompish a 63 day challenge - SIGHS)

  3. ok I suck at challenges. I never finish them, I get bored, or I do them longer than it takes - I did a 30 day yoga challenge but I spread it out over 2 months, lol. So I should do this?

  4. I am not a fan of challenges or too many rules. I tend to get bored easily too.

  5. I never finish challenges - they are always too long and I get busy!! I know....always an excuse. But a 5 day challenge seems more my speed

  6. LOVE them! Have to do this when I get back! #wowlinkup

  7. I totally love challenges and challenge my FFFC group to them EVERY MONTH! NOW perhaps if the challenge were shorter than 30 days - maybe I would get better participation. Ha! That might be an idea Lindsay! #wowlinkup

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