Oh Hey! It's Me! It's 2016?! + Meal Plan for the week

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Oh! Hey! It's me! I still go here! Things got a little crazy over the last few months - taking classes on the weekends, changes at work, blah blah same old stuff everyone deals with and somehow manages to maintain a blog. I've also been caught up in all the stuff everyone else has been caught up in:

Throwing plates at the TV and screaming out loud at Making a Murderer

Crying my eyes out to Adele on repeat

Sporting tacky sweaters all holiday season (shoutout to my husband for giving me a gift that combines 3 of my favorite things: tackiness, Christmas, and Drake). I know- how photogenic are we.

Defending my opinion that Jenna Dewan-Tatum's performance was better than Channing's on Lip Sync Battle (Beyonce wins all obvi but I'm saying if it's just between Channing and Jenna)

Purchased Power Ball tickets - FYI when I hit the jackpot I do not intend on telling anyone. We've all seen the E! True Hollywood Story about the lotto curse.

And I also went on a tiny trip to CAPE TOWN with my friends (this trip deserves its own post, more later but for now enjoy pictures on Insta).

Did a little healthy eating and a lot of holiday splurging (whoopsies #notsorry).

Annnnd I signed up for a marathon. Yes, I have officially lost my mind or hit a quarter life crisis or something along those lines. Thankfully I obsessively combed Courtney's blog for everything I could possibly need to know about training - and btw I actually MET Courtney on the street a few weeks ago, I was starstruck! #Blogcrush

This whole marathon thing has changed up my eating plans a little bit with the need for carb loading etc, so after a year (yes a YEAR!) of eating paleo we are adding pasta and rice into the ole meal plan. Random side note: I have never never been a pasta or rice eater. Everyone acts like this is just the craziest thing they've ever heard but it's true. So please do pass along any resources for good/healthy/carby recipes. Because this training has me hungry. as. a. hippo.

Here's my meal plan for the week with a big emphasis on foods that yield lots of leftovers because this is my first week back from vacation and that sucks and no one wants to cook. At all. Also includes my reminders to add CARBS the night before and after my long runs - shoutout to my friend Petar for teaching me Carbs 101.

Note: For the Chicken Broc Pasta Bake with Cauli Sauce I am replacing the cheese with this sauce. It's supes easy. Because *hi* lactose intolerance! Not doing cheese before a long run. Couldn't pay me. You can also find my fav breakfast casserole (oops forgot to link in the plan) here and my green smoothies here.


  1. Lindsay! So good to see you back! Can't wait to hear about your trip to South Africa. And congrats on signing up for a marathon!! I have not run. at. all. forever. Hoping to find some time to get back into it this year but we shall see. Happy 2016!

  2. Good to see you here! Wow... a marathon... have ya lost ya mind? But you go girl, I won't but you get it. Carbs huh? Is it really necessary for training... I'm ignorant here? That thought scares me because I lose all self control when I start eating them again. Cheers!

  3. welcome back!!! missed your face. good luck on the marathon!!
    i love pasta, no lie, but i was never a big bread eater and people always acted like i killed their mother when i said that, so i feel you. i do love rice and quinoa though. good luck!

  4. Hola chica! I'm right there with you - Jenna totally smoked Channing. I literally died laughing through both of their routines lol! I honestly haven't started the Making a Murderer because I need sleep and I know that I will be so spittin' mad and won't sleep. LOL!

  5. Well hello there friend!!! Sounds like someone has been busy. I am so sad I didn't become a billionaire last night. WTF?? I haven't gotten around to Making a Murderer yet but it is on the list to watch! Congrats on signing up for the marathon, I am sure you are going to rock it!

  6. Yay you are back! Ummmm...WHICH marathon?! So exciting :)

  7. YAY! Seeing this post makes me so happy! And, you know I was SO excited to recognize you!! I second Jennifer - which marathon??? I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! PS - can we meet on purpose sometime?? Run, then food/drinks or something? I'm thinking I need to organize a DC Run Blogger Fun Run/HH...

  8. Oh. And Jenna was the CLEAR winner! No argument there.


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