Celebrity Corner 4.6.2020

Friday, April 10, 2020

I love celebrity and/or influencer gossip and it has been SUCH a welcome distraction from the current news. The stories I'm following closely:

Jennifer Aniston popped into ex-bf John Mayer's IG live and and posted a laughing-cry emoji when he got emotional. I think he's a dick and deserves to get clowned at any possible opportunity, but Jen's reaction to me sounds like a worst-case scenario ex situation (you know when you accidentally join someone's IG live and you're like shitshitsittttt now I have to stay! And then accidentally hit send on the wrong emoji - possibly speaking from experience).


Florence Pugh (?) and Zack Braff went IG official, and IG has a problem with the 24 year old dating a 45 year old. She's not here for the bullying. I personally prefer Zack's TV bff Donald Faison with Cacee Cobb (#Newlyweds).

Nordstrom will not be renewing their contract with influencer Ariel Charnas after her public coronavirus "escape" documentation. I'm trying to come at this from a compassionate standpoint - I'm not a mother of five in a high rise apartment in NYC who tested positive for Coronavirus, but these actions put so many people in danger. It's a no for me, dog.

All the celebs are posting their quarantine cooking tutorials. I'm sorry but I do not for one second believe Halle Berry eats cheesy bacon-stuffed chicken.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are self-isolating together in MATCHING PAJAMAS. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!??!? ISN'T HE MARRIED?! Would you quarantine with your ex? Would you be cool with your spouse quarantining with THEIR ex? I have 10000 questions and 0 answers.

Bruce Willis, Demi Moore and family. Photograph: Instagram

Devoured Claire Downs' Twitter thread that breaks down Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler's "Bahamas Quarantine Nightmare" that includes an escape on a stranger's private jet.


  1. Love this round out!I'm really hoping Bruce's wife is with them too! Maybe they are on the outs, but I hope not because they have 2 young children together. Sounds like Kristin is really living it up. Where the kids in the Bahamas with them?

    1. I saw an article that said Bruce's wife commented on the photo "miss you guys" or something like that - SO CONFUSED!!! I just realized I read that whole thread and never figured out if Kristin's kids were with them, must do more digging - this can be my investigation for the week ha


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