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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Another week in quarantine, another week of me finding ways to entertain myself without leaving the house. I think I'm in the "anger" phase of grieving my old life as I found myself thinking about how mad I was at every fence/house/church/sidewalk I pass on my walks. Not complaining, just observing. Here are some of my things over the last few weeks:

πŸ‘©‍πŸ’ΌTaking Action: Breonna Taylor,  a black award-winning EMT and aspiring nurse working the front lines of the Coronavirus crisis, was killed by Louisville Police when they burst into her apartment at midnight on 3/13/2020 and sprayed 20 rounds of ammo, shooting her eight times. The police were in the wrong apartment on a search for a drug dealer who had been arrested earlier that day. The family has not received any information aside from this. The police dept has not commented, and aside from a lawsuit filed by Breonna's family no action will be taken. has action steps we can take to help, and you can sign the petition demanding charges be filed, compensation for her family, and the appointment of a special prosecutor for her case. Our voices made a difference with #Ahmaud and we need to do it again for Breonna.
🎧Listening: Esther Perel made an appearance on this week's Sunday Reading List which reminded me to listen to her podcast where she posts couple's counseling sessions and I NEED to talk about the messiest episode I've ever heard: Couples Under Lockdown: NYC (a couple decides to divorce in February but right before the husband moves out the stay-at-home order is issued and now they are quarantined together and HE WANTS TO VISIT HIS GIRLFRIEND). LMK if you listened let's chat.

I also like Guy Raz's interviews with founders on How I Built This. I've been listening to female founder episodes - especially inspired by these stories of women being told by $$ men that their ideas won't work and the women saying LOL I'll show you.
Katia Beauchamp: Birchbox (supply chain nerds you'll love this)
M.M.LaFleur: Sarah LeFleur
Stitch Fix: Katrina Lake
Teach for America; Wendy Kopp
Away: Jen Rubio
Spanx: Sarah Blakely

πŸ‘–Wearing: Quarantine has turned me onto jumpsuits and my friend recommended this Nike dri-fit jumpsuit that just arrived in black and I will be ordering in every single color and wearing every day this summer. Great fit for those of us blessed with butts/hips/thighs and breathable. Really what more can you ask for.
πŸ“šReading: Really into newsletters right now. Regularly reading the Betches Sup for a funny/digestable take on daily news, Going Down with Claire Downs for celebrity gossip and general escapism, RaceAhead for news to stay woke, CEO Daily for business stuff, and Morning Brew for a daily Econ 101.
πŸ’†‍♀️Self Care: Everyone's face masking right now so I decided to ease in with the $12 cult favorite Aztec Healing Mask. This is only the third mask I've ever tried so I'm no expert but I really liked this and will use again! All you have to do is mix with water or cider vinegar in a bowl (no metal, #chemistry messes something up) and apply for 15 mins. I did MBA level research on this before I used it and found this article the most helpful.
🍽Eating: Have used my air fryer at least 3x/week during quarantine, had a COVID dream that Harrison sold our air fryer for $6 and woke up RAGING, am perhaps too attached to the air fryer right now. Tried this air fryer egg roll recipe last night and, wow, *chef's kiss* you can really do anything with an air fryer.
πŸ›Shopping: I ordered this animal print face mask (non-medical), and am currently into spicing up my cell phone case. My favorites are this abstract case that gives me serious Nickelodeon vibes, this glitter phone case (am I too old for glitter?), this spotted case, this blobby one, and this pastel tropical case (please please let me go somewhere tropical soon). These are all Etsy shops in the US - double points for supporting small businesses. Pictures below:

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  1. This is the first I am hearing of Breonna Taylor. Literally, WTF. How horrible!


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