sunday reading list 5.17.2020

Sunday, May 17, 2020

And just like that another week in quarantine down. I was really disciplined for the first part of quarantine, but this week our mayor extended the stay at home order until June 8th and I began eating chocolate cake at 3 pm, wearing exclusively sweatpants, and braiding my hair as opposed to washing it because there are no longer rules.

On a positive note, I joined my favorite yoga teacher's Zoom class this weekend (she sent her Spotify playlist ahead of time which was a gamechanger for me with online fitness classes), and while her classes are always full of important reminders that apply to life outside of yoga like "take a second to laugh when you fall because it's not that serious, then take a breath and pick up where you left off", "stop thinking so hard you're ruining it, Lindsay!" - I was really struck when she instructed us to "notice what you are doing without judgement". I have felt a lot of [self-induced] pressure to make this quarantine productive and great, and as it (hopefully) comes to a close I've been disappointed with myself for not picking up a new hobby, figuring out something important, getting super fit, learning how to bake, etc. etc. This was an important reminder that literally no one has been through this situation before and there is no right way to do it. If the best way for me to cope was read about the history of Texas and watch The Wire, then that is what was best for me.

And now onto the (not end of the world) reads from the week:

Why Time Feels So Weird RN (Vox): An expert on the philosophy of time (who knew!) explains how our internal clocks work and why March was so damn long and April was somehow 5 minutes long for literally everyone in the entire world.

The Empathy Crisis of White America (Fruity): My friend shared this article with me after this week's #WakeUpWednesday (here is the full story and comments, will post a recap with links on the blog on Wednesday) re: the role of white people in recently publicized black murders. An interesting read on the psychology and history behind white America's reaction to violence against black people, and what we should be doing.

Why a Narcissist Doesn't Seem Like One At First (Psychology Today): Have moved on from my obsession with understanding psychopaths to narcissists. This is an interesting read on how narcissists appear, why behaviors change, and how we can deal successfully with them.

How to Elevate Your Presence In a Virtual Meeting (HBR): Six practical tips to apply ASAP. If you're new(er) to virtual meetings, also check out my Virtual Meetings 101 because they don't train us for this stuff.

OnlyFans, Influencers, And The Politics Of Selling Nudes During A Pandemic (Elle): Fascinating deep dive into how OnlyFans works, how it filled a gap left by stricter porn rules and free porn sites and then went mainstream thanks to quarantine, and what "casual tourists" mean for the industry. This is a corner of the world I know very little about and is really interesting.

More Women Than Ever Are Running For Office in 2020 (The Lily): !!!!!!!!!! 2020 is shaping up to be the year of the most diverse class of women running for office. There are more Republican women running than ever before, and people are ready to shake up the status quo (PLEASE VOTE - instructions here)

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