10 days of action to protect democracy: action 10

Thursday, September 24, 2020

If you're here, thank you for taking action with me over the last two weeks. 2020 has been frustrating and felt like we have zero control, but taking action helps (for me at least). Today's action is a culmination of the last two weeks. We're going to take time out to inform our networks. People are 83% more likely to take action when someone they know makes the recommendation, meaning we can have the biggest impact in this election within our networks. 

Talking points:

  • Make a voting plan: Make sure your networks are prepared for election day and that they have researched (and I mean RESEARCHED because we see how they try to hide that information) election day requirements, their polling place, checked their registration status.
  • Who to vote for: Since you did your local election research on day 2, share it with your networks so they approach the polls informed. Let them know who you are voting for for President and why. 
  • The counts: Based on the 2020 primary vote count timelines, historically high mail-in votes, and projected record breaking physical voter turnout = we will not have results on election night. We need to be prepared for this and prepare those around us to keep from falling for conspiracy theories. The vote count will be delayed because of logistics, not a Red or Blue or BLM or ANTIFA conspiracy to turn the election upside down. The more prepared we all are, the more we can speak truth while fake news theories inundate social media.
  • The system: Voting rights are far from equal and it is up to us to fix this. Have facts ready for tough conversations and action steps in your back pocket to encourage your people to take. There is so much power in numbers in this fight.
Can you commit to these conversations with at least five people in your network? 

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