Sunday Reading List 10.4.2020

Sunday, October 4, 2020



Over the last few weeks I have felt that sharing any news stories was spreading negativity and bringing people down so I took a hiatus from the Sunday Reading Lists. Keeping the same mission of trying not to focus on the end of the world vibe 2020 has cast on us.

Please Don't Ask Me the Last Time I Washed My Hair  (The Riveter): The pandemic has been the great equalizer in terms of appearance. Will we ever go back to the emphasis on women's looks in the workplace? 

Response to Loved Ones Who Tell Me Real Catholics Vote for Trump (America the Jesuit Review): JC was the original activist...just saying.

Correcting Misinformation About Breonna Taylor (WaPo): I've asked lots of lawyer friends to break down how we could have possibly let this happen - this article does a great job summing up missteps and correcting information (The Daily had an excellent and heartbreaking account here and here.)

Group Texts Are a Lifeline for Women in the Pandemic (Time): <3 to everyone on my group texts who has given me a safe place to vent and ask questions during such a scary and uncertain time.

Irish Court Rules Subway Bread is Not Bread (The Guardian): Lol we're still eating at Subway? 

The Era of Influencers Being Apolitical is Over (Buzzfeed): It's not just you feeling like some of these influencers out here living their best life in 2020 while the country is up in flames are completely tone deaf. (The author of this article is a great IG follow btw)

The Land of the Large Adult Son (The New Yorker): This article was linked in the Going Downs Newsletter (highly recommend) that argued they need to give America what we want: a presidential son's debate. I also listened to this podcast that compared Don, Jr. to Connor from Succession and I can't unsee it.

White House Threatens Discipline on Employees Who Engage in DEI Trainings (The Government Executive): In today's episode of "45 isn't even trying to hide it!". 

Building Relationships in WFH Environments (Inc): Things people with high emotional intelligence have done to improve work relationships during the pandemic.

Why Men Are So Bothered by WAP (Level): I'm late but this. is. spot. on.

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