February Book Reviews

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Did a lot of reading over the last month to try to knock out some books from our Winter Book Club: Black Authors list. Books are listed in the order I would rank them.

#1 Such a Fun Age: This was SO good I couldn't put it down- I read it all in two days and I don't read like that. The story alternates perspectives between the Black nanny and the "mega woke" white mom. Through the story, we see how different types of well-meaning white people actually cause harm. 

#2 Queenie: This is another one I got through pretty quickly. The characters are so good- I swear I know them - and I love Queenie's voice in the story. The book follows Queenie, an early 20's woman trying to get her life together in London as she navigates a break up, family pressures, workplace racism, civil unrest, and mental health issues. I LOLed so many times follow by "eee should I be laughing.."

#3 When No One is Watching: I really liked this thriller that incorporates romance and a real history education (red lining, predatory loans that took down Black communities, slavery, The Great Migration). I actually learned a lot reading this, and it gave me some real Get Out vibes.

#4 Intercepted: This is a good, light, rom-com-esque read with some very detailed steamy scenes if that's your thing. After Marley splits with her NFL star boyfriend, she swears off athletes...that is until an amazingly sexy blast from the past comes to town. 

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