2021.04.11 Sunday Reading List

Sunday, April 11, 2021


Creating a trans-inclusive workplace (HBR): A lot of employers have made changes for their LGB employees, but miss the mark on T+. Practical ways leaders and co-workers can support trans employees.

All of our virtual assistant's use women's voices and it's a problem (Intelligencer): How the voice of our Alexas and Siris and Google Homes influence our behavior.

Immigrant families are leaving DC's schools (WaPo): Why are they leaving and will they return? 

We wont' remember the pandemic the way we think we will (The Atlantic): The way our memories work is fascinating. Harrison and I are working on an audio recording of our "pandemic memories" after reading this article.

How COVID-19 hollowed out a generation of Black men (ProPublica): A surprising look into why we lost disproportionately more Black men to COVID than any other subgroup.

How an abstinence pledge in the 90s shamed a generation of Evangelicals (NYT): A good read for my fellow raised-in-the-Evangelical-Church True Love Waits pledge-takers. I also really related to Be There in Five's "True Love Weights" podcast episodes (part 1, part 2).

How to support a co-worker experiencing bias and prejudice (Fast Company): 

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