Processing the week: action items & resources for conversations with kids on the Chauvin trial and Daunte Wright

Thursday, April 15, 2021

This week has been extremely heavy- sending love to you all. Below are some petitions to sign, places to donate, and resources a few of you have sent me for helping kids process the events of the week. Sending extra extra love to the teachers who are having tough conversations and supporting kids this week <3.

Action Items

Sign the petition and donate to Yes4 Minneapolis - a people's petition to abolish the Minneapolis police.

Sign the petition

Donate to Twin Cities Mutual Aid

Donate to Minnesota Freedom Fund to put $ towards bail funds

Donate to Families Supporting Families Against Police Violence

Donate to Communities United Against Police Brutality

Processing Daunte Wright's Murder and the Derek Chauvin Trial with Kids

Daily News Lesson: Police Killing of Daunte Wright Sparks Protest: PBS video and discussion guide for grades 6 -12.

Processing Police Brutality: Its Impact on Mental Health: a guide for leading classroom and small group discussions

Resources to Support Children During the Derek Chauvin Trial from AMAZEworks: Discussion resources for kids ages 3 - 18.

Tips for Parents During the Derek Chauvin Trial

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