$20 Work Totes (yes, TWENTY DOLLARS)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

JustFab Icon Bag.
Finding an appropriate, stylish, Big Girl Work Bag is a tough decision and not one I take lightly. As I set out on my search for a Big Girl Work Bag, everything that was both stylish and professional seemed to have a triple digit price tag. While I understand this is an investment, one cannot invest money one does not have to one’s name. Well the God of Shopping (which one is that- Aphrodite?) heard my prayers, and one day as I was listening to good ole Pandora and clicked over to see who was singing, an entire page-sized ad flashing Big Girl Work Bags floated behind Lana Del Ray’s face. I clicked as fast as I could and ended up at JustFab.com.

I’ve always avoided sites like JustFab and ShoeDazzle (Kim Kardashian PLEASE just leave us alone) because I know there’s got to be catch. But girl, desperate times call for desperate measures and as I browsed the BOGO sale (LITERALLY ONE IS FREE) I found the Big Girl Work Bag of my dreams- the orange Icon. I was able to read lots of reviews and they show the bag from every angle- including someone holding it (I hate when you have no idea how big it actually is). Then clearly I had to get another BOGO item to make it worth it… And what do you know, a few clicks later I’ve got a new Big Girl Work Bag (Icon Tote), a purse (Private Charter), AND a necklace for $46. Yes yall, $46, free shipping and handling. To get the deal I had to sign up for a VIP membership which just means at the beginning of each month I have to log on and decide if I want to order what they pick for me, but you can decline as many months as you want- I haven't ordered anything since. I swear every morning when I walk out my front door “G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S” by Fergie blasts from the heavens. Ok maybe not, but a day hasn’t passed that someone hasn’t gasped over the bag and asked where I got it (former roommate: "OMG IS THAT A BIRKIN?!" Me: "um have you met me?").  It’s that fabulous. And it has nice compartments and pockets to hold all my stuff so situations like tampons flying out of your bag on the bus as you reach for your Smartrip don’t have to happen anymore. 

And now they’re sending me pictures of their new arrival boots. For $40 or less. Thank you, Jesus for watching out for my broke and bougie self. And thank you, Pandora for the your obnoxious Vegas-lights-banner-billboard-style advertisements. Below are a few other suitable Big Girl Work Bags, and the purse I bought.
The Creative Director from JustFab
Taj Mahal from JustFab

Private Charter by Justfab

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