Vodka Mixed with...Champagne? YEAH.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ok so when I was in Miami they were really pushing this Cherry Noir Grey Goose and I was like "EW what why?" But if they're doing it in Miami then it has to be cool right?  So this weekend we were celebrating my friend's triumphant return to alcohol after a four month hiatus and getting good and ready for Trillectro, and this was the only liquor we had on hand. Besides Andre.  And a watermelon. What to do in such a conundrum?  Yep, mix it all together. We filled the cups with about 2 ounces of the Grey Goose and topped them off with champagne, then put a splash of watermelon juice into the concoction.

Yall this was so delicious, and honestly a bottle of Andre is about the same price as a bottle of juice, so why not spend the $4 on something that's going to help get the job done. In all honesty we probably all just needed one cup of this drink apiece but let me tell you- this bubbly concoction goes down so easy and tastes so delicious so we may or may not have had more than one..or two...

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