$5 Happy Hour at Local 16

Friday, August 30, 2013

Average Drink Price: $5 (everything is $5)
Service: Great and fast! The bartender was really honest and recommended/discouraged certain menu items (i.e. stay away from the #4)
Good for Groups: Yes- and the service is fast enough that everyone in your group won't be waiting eons for drinks 
Mood: Chillin
Outdoor Seating: Rooftop patio
Try the: Signature Cocktail #3 and meatballs 

Local 16's $5 Happy Hour Menu

This is a great place to come chill out, specifically at 5:30 pm after the world's longest Thursday ever. We sat at the downstairs bar (too hot to go to the patio) and ordered a few drinks- the best by far was the #3 (pictured below). It was minty/limey/kind of mojitoey and super refreshing, and served in a mason jar which really gets some people excited--not quite my thing, but I did appreciate how big the mason jars are.

We at the hummus that was nice and flavorful, and the pita bread was fresh out of the oven (definite plus) followed by the meatballs--yall, the sauce was everything. So good. The bartender explained the process the sauce goes through to get that delicious and I lost focus after he said something about "setting for 2 hours", but it's awesome. 

Sidenote- did anyone else know that Local 16 owns Tropicalia? 

The #3. Just look how refreshing that is.

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