Berry Banana Breakfast Smoothie

Sunday, August 18, 2013

When I find breakfast foods that keep me full AND taste good to me when I hate everything at 6:00 a.m. I eat them over and over and over again. This smoothie is fast and easy to make (very important for people like me who hit the snooze button twice every morning).

The main staples for my smoothies are unsweetened Almond Milk, banana, and fat-free Greek yogurt. My nutritionist friend warned me to be careful when picking out yogurt because you can unknowingly add hundreds of sugar calories to your breakfast by using certain yogurts, but she gave me the thumbs up on fat-free Greek. I switch up the frozen berries (depending on what is cheapest at the grocery store) and sometimes throw in fresh fruit that's about to go bad too. I got my Oster blender for $20 (with FREE SHIPPING) on Amazon and it's still going strong after 3 years of mixing up frozen drinks, doubling as a food processor, and blending breakfast smoothies. I love this thing. The extra protein from the Greek yogurt combined with the banana keep me full all morning, and it's easy to drink on the go. 

Prep Time: 0 (ok that's a lie- pre-coffee it takes me about 10 minutes to find the fruits and put them into the blender. Post-coffee I can do it in about 30 seconds)
Servings: 1
Filling Fruit Smoothie
  • 1 banana ($.20)
  • 3 big spoonfuls of fat-free Greek yogurt ($.50)
  • 1 cup unsweetened original almond milk ($.40)
  • 2 handfuls frozen berries (I got this 3 lb bag at Costco for $8.00. It's lasted 3 weeks and we're about to hit week 4)
Throw all the ingredients in the blender and use the "blend" setting (seems obvious but this puppy has 10 settings). Some people like to add ice but I'm not a fan of the texture that gives the smoothie as well as the frozen headaches at 6:30 a.m.


  1. If you'll slice your banana and freeze it the night before, it gives you a nice smoothie milkshake without adding the texture that ice does. I also freeze my yogurt (see where I'm going, I like the milkshake consistency) in ice cube trays and now that it's full on summer, I freeze my almond milk into small cubes so that in case I forget to do my banana I'm covered.

  2. OH great ideas! thanks for sharing!


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