Gators Wear Jean Shorts ...and so do I

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Let me start by explaining that I went to the University of Georgia and in the SEC everyone hates Florida Gators.When I think of Gators I think of orange tshirts (ick), cut-off jorts (ick ick), and mullets (really gagging at this point). At tailgates, football games, and generally any time we saw a Gator fan we loved to chant "Gators wear jean shorts!" as this little boy passionately explains:
So that is the history behind my jorts aversion. Last spring when this jorts trend spread outside the Florida state lines I watched in horror as celebrities and normal fashionable people started wearing jorts- cut-off jorts, cuffed jorts, acid wash jorts... I hoped it was something that would pass in a few minutes, like a 24-hour bug or trucker hats, but here we are in August 2013 and the trend is still in full swing and I am in a strange life phase where I feel too old to wear day dresses and too young to wear capris and mom shorts and too sweaty to wear pants in DC summers. And so today, August tenth 2013 I bought my first pair of jorts. At Wal-Mart. For $9.00. What up, L.E.I., it's been awhile! But they actually fit nicely and look fine (for jorts) and I can move around in them! The Wal-Mart trip was really successful as I also found this cardigan for $7.88. What's with the random pricing at Wal-Mart? Everything is $7.88? Is that a thing? My rule with cardigan purchases is if they are under $20 I HAVE to buy them so this was a no-brainer.

I love me a steal on low-quality clothes I only want to wear for one season anyway, but I hate the sizing at Wal-Mart. I have definitely fallen victim to the "OH, this is a size 2? Why yes, Banana Republic, I suddenly feel fine about forking over $70 for this skirt!" So whatever, I have decided I want to spend my life savings on rent in DC so I'm going to just have to cut some tags off, pretend it's sized like Banana Republic and deal with it.Also, not sure how I feel about Ms. Tina Knowles' Wal-Mart Collection but that's something for another day.
Yep, L.E.I. is making a comeback in my life. Thanks for the throwbacks, Wal-Mart.

Good ole NoBo, another throwback. Wal-Mart all day.


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