The No-Gym Lifestyle

1/7th of my rent check for this? RUDE.

When I started my job a benefit listed was "discount Washington Sports Club membership".

Me: I see we get a discount gym membership! Exciting!
HR Person: Oh yeah we get a great discount to Washington Sports Club right down the street! All you have to do is show them a paystub.
Me: So what exactly is the discount? (visions of $10 memberships dancing through my head. Finally someone who recognizes how hard we work for no money! Hallelujah!)
HR Person: Once you apply the discount it comes out to about $90 a month. Which is a huge steal for such a nice gym!0000
Me: -_-

Um, hello? Who has almost $100 to spend every MONTH to SUFFER? I mean really that is like one seventh of the rent check I pay each month for my closetless, windowless hole I sleep in.

Before I moved to DC for this job I had a free gym membership because I worked at the YMCA in Richmond. Little known fact- YMCA membership fees are income-based. Yes people, the less money you make, the less money you pay to go to the Y. All you have to do is take a tax form and pay stubs to the registration desk and voila you have a REAL discount gym membership. What a novel idea! Unfortunately I neither live nor work anywhere near a Y, just a fabulous discounted WSC. 

So now my gym (slash personal hell) has become this windowless closetless hole that happens to have enough space to do a burpee and a jumping jack between my bed and dresser. My favorite discovery for said torture sessions is Blogilates. Seriously, do one week of her videos and you have a new body and a new best friend (I know I'm not the only one who thinks I'm friends with Blogilates. She's just so personable!). So check out her adorable torture sessions.


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