2013 Fall Wedding [guest] Fashion under $30

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I may have spent half my salary on wedding gifts this year, leaving me with approximately $25 to buy dresses to wear to said weddings- my budget is especially low because we all know we can't be wearing the same dress in every Facebook/Instagram photo op. These are my favorite options I found (I wore #1 to a wedding last weekend!)

1. H&M Petrol Jersey Dress $24.99. I love this color- bright but not too bright. I wore it with a Forever21 bib necklace, a gold belt from Ross, and Nine West nude pumps I found at Goodwill for $10 (is that gross?).  I appreciate this dress's flair at the waist because it prevented people from saying "whoa look at her ass- she really let herself go this summer". Second favorite thing: it runs in Small/Medium/Large so you can avoid the H&M terror of buying a dress that is 10 sizes bigger than you would buy anywhere else.
2. H&M Sleeveless Dress in Burgundy $30: Glad I didn't wear this one this weekend because two people at the wedding were wearing this exact dress. Guess they were scoutin out the H&M sale rack at the last minute too. Anyway, this color is everything this fall, can't wait to get me some burgundy pants.
3. Merona Women's Ponte Crossover Neckline Dress from Target $27.99: Hey Target, welcome back to my price range! I have been so tired of only being able to find dresses over $40 there lately, but they did me right by this dress. It's flattering on the big booties too (a major plus in my book).
4. Glam Dot A-Line Dress from Forever 21 $29.80: I feel a certain way about polka dots, but this is an exception. I like the pleats and the zipper/collar in the back and the length. Sidenote: has Forever 21 always been this skanky or am I growing up? My word, I hate being this old sometimes


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