Wednesday Workout

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today I did Fitness Blender's 30 minute workout that combines intervals of 2 minute tabata routines (20 seconds of super high intensity, 10 seconds off) with 50 second ab routines. Let me just say something about Tabata- it was invented in the 70's for Japanese Olympic athletes to stay in the best shape possible.  Beyonce body here I come! I followed the video with a simple arm workout- I've let my upper-body go over the last month, so I'm kind of trying to ease back into the 30-push-up status I used to have by following Ms. Skinny's Summer Arm Challenge for the next week.

Sidenote: I like this video workout because the exercises are easy to modify into an easier or harder workout. I also like that I didn't spend the whole time dreading an arm AND ab workout after... glass is always half full right?

Tabata + Ab video:

Simple Arm Workout (simple meaning I did it while watching a TiVo'd episode of Four Weddings):
15 tricep dips
rest 20 seconds
20 bicep curls
rest 20 seconds
15 tricep extensions
Rest 20 seconds
Repeat this 3 times.

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