Broke Gifts- Dad Edition

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sometimes I think Phil from Modern Family is actually based on my own dad, so needless to say he deserves great gifts. But what to get a man whose hobbies favorite hobbies are roaming around Home Depot, watching Mash reruns and building shelves? Well thanks to Livingsocial  we have a crisis averted for one more birthday season: $25 for $50 to spend at Brookstone, and what do you know Brookstone's website has an entire sections of "Gifts for $50 and under". No joke. Here are some of my thoughts for my dad's gifts:

Stick-n-Find Bluetooth Locator: A thing you put on your stuff (keys, remotes, what else does my dad lose on the reg?) that you can locate from your iphone. O.M.G. I want one for myself

Motorized Automatic Tie Rack: Ok I really don't know how necessary it is to have this, but it is such a dad toy

Emergency 30 Day Lantern: This embodies all elements of appropriate dad gifts: totally unnecessary, rustic, kind of electric, and something all other dads will want to play with

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