Winter Wardrobe Essentials: The Leggings

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

So I feel a certain way about leggings. Thanks to JLo, Kim K, Nikki Minaj, Koko and the rest of the big bootied bunch (whether they're real or not) I feel that it's a lot more socially acceptable for "blessed" people like me to wear tighter clothes and leggings. However, I still feel that me wearing leggings is the same as someone with a large chest wearing a cleavage-baring shirt, so needless to say I feel a strong way about leggings NOT being workplace appropriate but some people seem to disagree with me. Either way you slice it, leggings are here to stay and as long as I'm not at work and my rear is covered I'm happy about it because the right leggings feel like wearing fitted sweat pants.

Last winter in all my broke glory, I wore my running leggings (I spent $50 a pop on those!) as fashion leggings. I know, I know. Sometimes the budget just doesn't permit frivolous buys, and what is the point in wearing crappy $19 super-thin-easily-ripped-see-through leggings from Target? But this year I've discovered where sub-$10 fleece-lined leggings seem to grow on trees, and today I ordered a pair of maroon fleece lined leggings and black fleece lined leggings and the total came to $19. Two pairs of FLEECE lined leggings, less than $20. Hello Winter!! I also ventured over to the vendors' websites and found some affordable clothes and jewelry. So head over to and sign up for their daily e-mail so you don't miss a deal!

Sidenote about my friend is getting married this summer and our bridesmaids skirts are being specially made by a designer she found on this website. I love stuff like that. And how great is it that I get to wear a SKIRT as a bridesmaid? 
BreeasBoutiqueBargains $6.99 each at

BreeasBoutiqueBargains $6.99 each at

Cherry Lane Collection fleece lined leggings $7.99 on

Cherry Lane Collection fleece lined leggings $7.99 on

Cherry Lane Collection fleece lined leggings $7.99 on Sidenote: can someone help me dress like her?

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