Monday, November 18, 2013

Wednesday Workout: HIIT at Home {playlist included!}

Do the workout routine below, and don't forget the abs at the end to the HYPE workout music below (just press play and it will play right from this page!). This is my running/HIIT mix (made by BF)- hope you enjoy!

*this is a hard HIIT! modify as needed.

5 Minute Ab Challenge: 
You should finish up the HIIT right around 30 minutes. Keep the playlist going while you take a 3-5 minute water break (which just happens to be when the moombahton beat kicks in which is a little slower). When the music gets to 36 minutes, get on the ground and do bicycle crunches to the beat- it picks up! Keep the bicycles going for the entire 5 minutes as the beat picks up and feeeelllll the burn!


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