Friday Favs

Friday, December 13, 2013

A lot of great things happened this week- here's my roundup. In case your work blocks youtube I've posted the videos below (sneaky, I know): 

1. The world lost an incredible hero this week, and while there were a lot of touching tributes my favorite was Maya Angelou's His Day is Done: A Tribute Poem for Nelson Mandela. Girl gets me every time.

2. Everyone's favorite line from Home Alone is "Buzz your girlfriend- WOOF!" Well, now you can make your own Woof Gif with a picture of anyone you want. Amazing. Merry Merry Christmas indeed.

3. Pantene released a (sadly accurate) ad portraying the gender biases women face in the workplace. However it was a huge week of wins for women as the Kennedy Center made history appointing its first female president (Deborah F. Rutter is among only a few females running performing arts centers in the WORLD) and GMC appointed Mary Barra, the auto industry's first EVER female chief executive. Yaaass ladies makin us proud!

racial dating4. What Would You Do's video of a black man bringing his white girlfriend to a Harlem barbershop went viral overnight, and I want to be best friends with the last woman in the clip ("we all just need to H.U.G!"). While this was touching AYI released a study about how racist we are in online dating. While I understand the entire basis of this app is to judge people based on their looks, why is it that race plays such a big factor? Is it us? Is it how we were raised? Is it the media? As someone in an interracial relationship I can tell you first-hand: you are missing out by judging based on that factor.

5. Mayor Gray announced he's running for mayor of DC again (really??), got booed out of a debate, and someone made this website.  Sidenote: you may have nightmares after watching this.

6. I almost died when Buzzfeed posted the 23 Most Adorable Puppies of 2013. Then I clicked on the story of Xena the Warrior Puppy bringing her 8-year old autistic owner out of his shell and the waterworks really started. This Christmas consider giving a dog a Forever Home- links humans with their new best friends all over the country. If those sites aren't enough just look at dogs on their freedom rides. (My dog came from an amazing rescue group called Angel Dogs
whose dogs are on petfinder).

body_man7.  Soapbox  is an awesome movement- when you buy their soap bar they donate soap to a family in need, hand soap supplies a month worth of water to people in need, and ONE bottle of body wash provides A YEAR'S worth of vitamins to children in need. It's a great option for sensitive-skinnies like me as it's made with shea butter, aloe, jojoba oil, and natural essential oils. This makes a great stocking stuffer (for 2!), the high-quality soap is less expensive than name-brand body wash, and can be found online or at lots of retail locations.

8. My friends are getting engaged left and right and we talk a lot about the whole should-you-really-change-your-name-or-is-that-anti-woman situation. This site had me on the floor laughing at hyphenated names.

9. The BF and I saw Best Man Holiday this weekend and I cried my eyes out but we both loved it. Get in the spirit and remember what you're thankful for- life is short! On that note, check out David Steindl-Rast's TED Talk on the key to happiness: GRATEFULNESS. Really got me thinking. Have you taken time to "stop, listen, go" today?

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