Thursday, December 12, 2013

NYE Shoes {on our tiny budgets}

Every year I spend New Year's Eve Day scrambling all over town with cold sweats looking for the perfect NYE shoe...that I can afford AND dance in (apparently the impossible standards). This year I did my research and I'm ready to go! So enjoy the shoe porn and remember, they're all $35 and under so you can look AND touch. 

If you can get past the name, they're pretty cute shoes

Can we wear these to work too? Double the pleasure with this pair.

Oh hayy sparkles!

YES. All of this. Yesyesyesyesyes get on mah feet!

I so would have worn these when I was 22. New Year, Younger Me?

I mean Vera designed them so they are perfect.

Hi I'm here for the tequila shots. 


(FYI when I ordered my coat from Overstock it came in 3 days)


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