Tacky Sweater Parties: DIY and Where to Buy {on an itty bitty budget}

Friday, December 6, 2013

IT'S HERE!! TACKY SWEATER SEASON! Besides dressing up my dog, I do enjoy getting quite tacky myself, but not spending the money of course. Fortunately for me I have a mom who works at Hallmark and tells me when to hit the store (I mean REINDEER RINGTOSS HATS WHO THINKS OF THAT) for amazingly tacky Christmas gear. Below are some of my all-time favorite Tacky Christmas styles for the best prices. If you don't have a Hallmark near you, Ebay has a plethora of reindeer ringtoss and blinky Christmas light necklaces too.

Also I'm loving this Christmas-tree-skirt-as-a-skirt that's all over Pinterest right now. Also note the link to animal print santa hats is $15 for a dozen. Talk about a great party favor. If you don't have time to order online, we found leopard print hats for $8 a pop at Rite Aid last year too.

Merry Tacky Sweater Season!
Oh and note- click on the links below the picture for where to buy and DIY tutorials.

                     Happy Holla Days Sweater Reindeer Ring Toss Hats Filthy Animal Sweaters Battery Operated Christmas Light Necklack Animal Print Santa Hats Critter Sweater Tree Skirt = Tacky Skirt Humping Reindeer Sweater T Image Map

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