Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Favs: Best Netflix Movies, Netflix Documentaries, and Netflix Shows

Tis the season.. be completely anti-social and sit around and watch Netflix marathons all day and night!

Which is all I did as the subzero vortex came through DC. Up until this year I've always just had a Netflix subscription and no cable, but Sports Center and True Blood are non-negotiables for the BF so we pay an additional $120/month (which is an extra $1,500/year, do you have any idea how far I could stretch $1,500??) so he can have his two TV shows that he cannot live without. I still pretty much only watch Netflix just to prove a point- except of course the occasional Teen Mom marathons. ANYWAY Here are my favorite Netflix Movies and Netflix documentaries, as well as marathonable Netflix series:

  1. A Doula Story (documentary): Incredible story of a Doula (kind of like a midwife) who commits her life to supporting and fighting for pregnant teens in Chicago.
  2. The Woman Who Wasn't There (documentary): The INSANE story of a woman who posed as a 9/11 survivor, manipulated other victims, did all kinds of crazy have to see it to believe it.
  3. The Lifeguard (movie): Story of an almost-30-year-old going through a quarter-life crisis. Really who isn't going through that right now? Something about watching the amazing Kristen Bell go through it so un-glamorously makes it all feel ok.
  4. Being Elmo (documentary): The touching story of the soft-spoken puppeteer's journey to become Elmo. Bonus: tons of behind-the-scenes Sesame Street stuff.
  5. Cropsey (documentary): This doc digs into the urban legend of Cropsey, an escaped mental patient who haunts Staten Island. Don't watch this alone, it's REAL creepy.
  6. The L Word (TV Show): Sex & The City with lesbians. 
  7. Sons of Perdition (documentary): I know the whole escape-from-the-sisterwives thing is a little overdone thanks to TLC, but you can't help but get attached to the teens this doc follows as they struggle to adapt to life outside the LDS- and try to save their families.
  8. Blackfish (documentary): Look I've had a thing for orcas since my brother and I saved up our allowances for a Free Willy Club exclusive membership (anyone else wear that orca cord necklace religiously?), and this is insane. Interesting fact: Sea World trainers have no background in training or marine biology or anything like that. Annd I'm never going back to Sea World again. 
  9. Sherry Baby (movie): I search "Maggie Gyllenhal" and this is the first one to come up. I was not disappointed. Just released from prison, Sherry struggles to be a good mom and stay clean. It's Maggie Gyllenhall.
  10. House of Cards (TV Show): If you haven't seen this, you're late. If nothing else watch it so you can know what everyone is talking about on February 14th when season 2 comes out, and so you can have something to look forward to on dreaded Valentine's Day.
  11. What Maisie Knew (movie): Sweet story of a 6 year old girl caught between her selfish parents' divorce. It sounds sad but I promise, the end is worth it. Oh and Eric from True Blood is in it, and Julianne Moore, so..
  12. Prodigal Sons (documentary): A transgender woman returns home to rural Montana for her class reunion, a class in which she was Paul the high school all-star quarterback. During this time she attempts to re-connect with her estranged brother. So interesting.


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