Friday Favs: Dog Toys for Strong Chewers

Friday, January 3, 2014

I have shopped far and wide for the most durable dog chew toys out there for my beloved pittie who has jaws so strong she once chewed a door knob off of a door trying to protect our house from the lawn mower man (anyone else out there have a pit with the most irrational fears? Ceiling fans, lawn mowers, bicycles..). Not much is worse than that feeling when you spend $30 on a top-of-the-line chew toy only to watch your dog completely destroy it in 20 minutes or less, followed by hours of picking splintered dog toy out of the carpet, followed by cleaning dog throw up off of everything because they ate an entire toy in 20 minutes that was meant to endure 6 months of dog chewing. My at-length research has led me to these top 4 products, all Ok'd by my vet, as long as you get the proper sizes and monitor the chewing.

1. Nylabone:
  • Pros: Flavoring keeps dogs occupied for hours, come in different flavors, they LOVE the textures, bristles on the bones clean dog's teeth, don't splinter much as long as you get the right durability (they have 3 levels of hardness and recommend purchasing a size up if you aren't sure which kind to get your dog)
  • Cons: If you get one that isn't strong enough for your dog they do splinter which makes for difficult clean up
  • Notes: Make SURE to pay attention to the chewing strength (on every package and/or on-line description)
  • Where to buy: PetCo, PetSmart, Target, Amazon (best price)

2. Hoof
  • Pros: Super cheap, the smell/taste keep dogs entertained for hours, long-lasting for the price
  • Cons: Super splintery- you have to be really careful with these because of this. When Andi uses them I let her chew it for 30 minutes/day to make sure the splinters don't hurt her stomach. 
  • Notes: Can really hurt a dog's stomach if they get too splintered
  • Where  to buy: Petco, Petsmart (has stuffed hooves!), Amazon, Ebay

3. Kong

4. The Antler
  • Pros: Durable, natural, naturally shed, don't splinter, taste that keeps dogs interested, clean dog's teeth, packed with nutrients like calcium. 
  • Cons: More expensive
  • Note: Moose and Reindeer are stronger than elk which is stronger than deer (but the deer has more marrow inside which is what keeps the dogs occupied). Yeah yall, the antler business is serious! ALSO: apparently there is a market for fake antlers, so read up on the reviews and make sure you're getting what you order.
  • Where to buy: Natural food stores (best price),  ebay, Amazon


  1. We have two Siberian Huskies. The ate through the black Kongs (indestructible my ass!). We found these and they have lasted forever! I ordered them from the site, but there are places that sell them. The price is terribly high either.

    1. Oh wow I ordered one as soon as I saw this comment- thanks! Can't wait for my dog to try it!

  2. As a responsible pet owner you must remember to NEVER let your dog chew something that is not digestible. You wouldn't give your baby small rubber or plastic parts and let them swallow them. Why would you let your dog? The Words chew and toy ..should never be in the same sentence. If your dog wants to chew take away their toys, and give them something edible. Your dog will learn quickly and you will save your self unwanted heartache from a sick pet. Two of the items listed above are not digestible, should your dog is able to remove parts of Plastic or rubber and swallow them. If your dog cant throw up the plastic or rubber pieces.... or pass it the other way These Parts sit in your dogs stomach and can make them very ill. Whats worse is that these items cannot be detected on an Xray. So many times dogs that swallow toy parts they are mis-diagnosed by their vet and some even die before the cause of ilness is discovered. Surgery to remove foreign items from a dogs stomach start at $2500.00. And for people that cant afford expensive vet bills, they then have to make even a more painful decision. So PLEASE be responsible and remember toys are for Play and digestible items are for Chewing. There are not Toys For Chewers. Your dog will love you for it !

  3. Zeea is the same destroyes everything and although I have read about many 'indestructible' toys they never hold up. So I decided to test them myself. ​

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