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Friday, July 11, 2014

It's FRIDAY! We MADE IT! Your's truly went to a free open bar last night that included all the alcohol you can drink with no food so is driving the strugglebus this morning. I'm too old for this. Today's post is all my favorite things besides open bars. Linking up with Amanda!

Favorite news of the week:

Because who doesn't love hot dads. And Ryan Gosling. And Eva Mendes. And beautiful people making beautiful babies. Or are their babies going to come out ugly? You know how two impossibly beautiful people tend to create ugly children? Is that just me?

Favorite Instagram pic:

Favorite soccer player to watch on Sunday:

Hi yes hi

Favorite dog video:

Dogs are dumb and I just love everything about them.

Favorite "Tim Howard Could Have Saved":

I don't know why but this kills me every time I see it. Every. Time.

PS: Did you know Tim Howard has nudey pix out? I thought only women were expected to release nudey pix when they get famous, but I was wrong and thank you sweet baby Jesus for that. Google it, you'll be glad you did. Trust me. Really, ladies, trust me.  

Favorite Teen Mom Moment:

Not just one moment, but a whole compilation of Babs moments. Thank you, MTV.

Favorite inspiration:

Favorite mind-blowing fact that changes EVERYTHING:
Yoga Jones from OITNB is the VOICE OF PATTY MAYONAISE? What the what? Other mind blowing OITNB facts here.

Favorite Meal of the week:

My friend Maggie brought me squash from her mom's garden so we had squoodles and some delicious meat sauce (recipe coming soon). Note Harrison's awkward hands in the corner.

Favorite Andi selfie: 


New favorite thing to say:


  1. I honestly just died laughing, falling out of my chair at some of these. Dadgumit, I was hoping I would have Ryan Gosling's baby - helllurrrrrrr!!! Just kidding Hunter. Maybe. Annnnywayyyss... have a good weekend!

  2. omg girl you are hilarious! i wanted ryan's baby, no fair! that bambi thing omg. thanks for the heads up about tim howard.. off to google... haha have a good weekend love!

  3. The selfie! Too cute!!

    And that last gif....the wig? LOL too funny!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. :) All of these made me smile.

    And the GIF.. I spit out my water. hehehehehehe

    Have an amazing weekend.

  5. I love Babs... can't wait for the new season so I can lose a few more brain cells. Thanks for the Tim Howard tip... will be looking that up after work:) And open bars at my hotel have been effing up my mornings all week long.. oops:)

  6. Ahaha you kill me! Furiously resisting googling for Tim Howard's nudey pics at work now... :)

  7. haha! Favorite new thing to say. I have to add that one to my list. I will be honest with you- I do NOT like the Ryan + Eva news. I am just not an Eva fan! I want him back with Rachel!

  8. You are hilarious! And yes Ryan and Eva are going to definitely make some beautiful babies!! (more because of her though ... I think he is grossly overrated)

  9. oooh the sqoodles and meat sauce looks SO SO good!

  10. They will make the most beautiful baby. How can they not?! The dog video is just too stinking cute, poor thing just wants to play fetch! :(

  11. comment didn't make it on your page, but here it is: "Oh my this was great!!! Breaking news to me: Eva and Ryan?! I just bought and read a People Magazine which claimed he was single and waiting for me -er- just single! What the...?!"


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