Healthy 4th of July Recipes

Thursday, July 3, 2014

YALL! I may not survive this work day because I am SO EXCITED for the 4th. Besides the fact that I start counting down to this day starting on December 26 (I need things to look forward to), I have friends and family coming in town, we're cooking out, and for the first time ever Harrison has the 4th off too! The possibilities are endless! And I can't wait to have people over to our new house and cookout in our new back yard on our new grill. And drink beer. And eat good food (keeping it healthy of course). The 4th is awesome because there are so many healthy-ish options too, not so much like Christmas or Thanksgiving where everything has butter and cream and fatness and you have to eat everything (is that just me or everyone?).

ANYWAY these are my favorite options to make and bring to cookouts- we got a little bit of everything on this list (spoiler alert: if you're spending the 4th with me this is what you're eating and drinking):

  1. Clean Sides: Healthy Avocado Deviled Eggs with a Kick
  2. Clean Sides: Fruit with Healthy Sweet Greek Yogurt Dip
  3. Clean Burgers: Avocado and Mozzarella Stuffed Turkey Burgers
  4. Clean Vegetarian Burgers: Red Bean Burgers
  5. Clean Burgers: Goat Cheese and Caramelized Onion Stuffed Turkey Sliders
  6. Not So Clean Boozing: Best Front Porch Cocktails  (I will be making the Summer Beer since you can make it in mass quantities and no one DOESN'T like this drink)
Question: What is your favorite healthy dish to bring to cookouts? Any big plans for the 4th? 

Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July! 

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  1. Avocado and Mozzarella Stuffed Turkey Burgers - YUM!! I want to make that this weekend for sure!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. Yum, yum! Love deviled eggs! Thanks for the recipes. Have a great weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. That all looks so good and I haven't had a deviled egg is years, might need to try those suckers! Happy 4th of July :)

  4. We are doing a little BBQ at our house. Not a lot of people.. Just basically us, my father's GF and one of my bridesmaids (with her sweet 18month old nephew - too cute. could eat him. I swear.)

    And I am trying to keep it as healthy as possible.
    Fingers Crossed on that one!

    Enjoy your holiday my friend!

  5. I'm right there with ya girl - I've been counting down all week for the 4th. Naturally, today's work day has drug its buttocks slower than a turtle in a race. Day lord, but hey! Have a great holiday weekend!!

  6. Yum, lots of delicious healthy options! I have 4 more days left of my sugar detox. Not good timing that the last few days are over the holiday weekend

  7. The red bean burgers sound really good. I need to try those summer beers too, they sound amazing. I always tend to bring a salad, lame but at least I know what's in it.

  8. Um!? I wish I had been invited!! This all sounds amazing, have a wonderful 4th!!!

  9. Avocado and Mozzarella Stuffed Turkey Burgers - drooling!

  10. I'll try each please! I hope you're having a great 4th weekend!

  11. Summer beer is the best!!! I hope you had an amazing(and delicious) 4th!!!!
    These all look so good!


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