Friday, April 3, 2015

How to: Wedding Registries

Welcome to wedding class, today we will be discussing a part of wedding planning that is extremely fun but a bit difficult if you are clueless like myself.

At the beginning of this whole wedding planning process I had a conversation like this:
Feminist Lindsay: But why should people give me gifts? No one gave me a gift when I got a job? No one gave gifts when I got a promotion? And what about all the successful people who don't get married - what a horrible message! You get married - you get presents! You have babies - more presents! Success in life - no one cares!
Friend: We got a Vitamix from our registry.
Me: What was I saying about registries again?

So, here we are with a wedding registry and here's how we did it:

1. After reading about Kelly's experience I decided to do all the registering online.

2. I love when my friends have Honeyfund registries because I like the idea of giving an experience (or buying their drinks!) so we set up a Honeyfund which took all of 10 minutes (something easy in wedding process! Thank you!). The site is super helfpul with plenty of sample registries on their homepage and constant communication so you know what the heck you're supposed to do next, if you did something wrong, and how to fix it.

3. Next I found this incredibly helpful checklist of everything you could possibly want to register for on TheKnot and basically copied and pasted all of it into a spreadsheet (spreadsheet was totally unnecessary but Excel serves as a security blanket for me).

4. Then I embarked on some obsessive intense research on the products we were registering for. First I checked Consumer reports and Good Housekeeping Product Reviews, and once I narrowed down our lists I checked Amazon reviews for these products and picked the highest reviewed products. This was really time consuming but I want to have most of these things for the rest of my life! And I've taken the work out of it for you and posted the top products below.

5. Next, we registered on Macy's because what doesn't exist at Macy's (answer: turns out a lot of things)?

6. Then, we set up our registry on Amazon (sidenote: Amazon has everything Macy's has but cheaper, however not all guests completely understand Amazon so we registered at both). My favorite feature of Amazon registry was that you can stalk other people's registries who have registered for similar products! Genius!

7. Once the registries went live I kept my eye on both to make sure we had plenty of gifts at each price point (you should always have plenty of $20-50 gifts, $50+, then some big ticket items).

8. As gifts came in, I checked the cards/gifts/gift receipts with the online thank you managers in case there were any discrepancies (for example: any gift classified as an electric from Macy's only shows up as "electric" on the thank you manager, not the specific item they got you). I tracked any confusing things in a Googledoc.

These are some highlights from our registries (based on my psychotic research), feel free to check out our registries for inspiration here:

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum (NV370) - bye bye allergies! and pet hair anywhere!! And everything I hate about vacuums (this weights like 8 lbs and basically whispers). We use this as a duster (it has an attachment to essentially vacuum all your furniture), vacuum and broom.

Miracle Blade III 16 Piece Knife and Block Set  - I've fantasized about having my own set of these puppies since that infomercial in the 90's where the guy throws a pizza box in the air and SLICES THE BOX IN HALF IN THE AIR.


CQ Wellness Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer, FDA Approved - shoestring sweet potatoes every. single. night. for the rest of our lives. till death do us part.

Vivere Double Hammock with Space Saving Steel Stand, Oasis - can't wait to use this, assuming warm weather ever shows its face again.

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer, 1/2 Acre Coverage - bye mosquitoes!

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor - Because drinking champagne with store-bought OJ is for peasants (haha). And we are trying to stay healthy and I saw a doc on Netflix that convinced me juice is the answer to life's problems.

Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 25" Spinner - Bright colors, lifetime warranty, SPINNY WHEELS.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender  - I used the very official research survey method of survey via Facebook and Vitamix came out the winner due to its metal blades, easy-to-cleanness, and I once had "ice cream" made with no dairy and avocados that felt like ice cream at a Costco demo. Here is a chart that compares the different Vitamix series, and this interactive chart allows you to compare Vitamix, Blendtec and Ninja.. If this insane price is too much of a deterrent, Amazon also offers certified refurbished Vitamix for a fraction of the price. Also I know a lot people out there who have a Blendtec and swear by that too (it is about half the price of a new Vitamix).


Dansk Flatware 18/10, Classic Fjord II 5 Piece Place Setting - My research says register for 8 place settings, 18/10 is the hardness you want, make sure there are no crevices/hard to clean areas, and that the silverware is ONE piece

Fiesta Dinnerware - no chip warranty, easy to clean, amazing reviews everywhere. We got all white dishes since we are bahhhring, with bright colored pitchers and ramekens. 

Crock-Pot SCCPVL619-S-A Programmable Cook & Carry with Little Dipper Warmer, 6 Qt - A LOCKING LID (praise the crockpot gods for that one), a programmable timer that automatically switches to warm, dishwasher safe, and how damn cute is that little dipper.

Hoover Air Purifier - Because allergies

Anolon Advanced Bronze Cookware - Everything I read said this is best or 2nd best. So far sticky food hasn't stood a chance against these, and it no longer appears that I have lit the kitchen on fire every time I cook.

Martha Stewart Collection Plush - I conducted my own hands-on field research for these which included me going to Macy's and touching every single towel. Harrison's first-hand review: "These are fucking luxurious".

What are your favorite kitchen/household items? What brands have you had good experiences with? 


  1. I registered on Amazon too and had THE BEST experience! Amazon makes it so easy for people from all over the world to register and I only had two repeats (no horror stories of ending up with 14 toasters for us). Excellent choice!

  2. Amazon is seriously taking over the world...I love that you can stalk other similar registries! And also, can I please get that onion chopper in my life?! I am so bad at cutting them up, it takes forever!

  3. I love Amazon and I suspect that one of the best places to register!

  4. Girlfriend, I'm all about that Fiesta stuff. I felt really weird at first doing a wedding registry because I'm one of those people that doesn't like people doting all over me with gifts. It's just awkward and I have to smile all the time and stahhhppp. LOL! But once I realized how much fun it actually is, then the process was way more enjoyable. Thank you for the shout out :)

  5. Take advantage of that registry! It doesn't make feminist sense but it's awesome so.... I think it's okay. Your husband benefits from it, too. If you don't have a KitchenAid mixer, definitely register for one of those. Also, good pots and pans (mine are Calphalon) because I think this is the last chance in life you get to have someone else pay for your expensive decisions!

  6. I had similar thoughts on registries but really it makes things easier because people will ask you where you are registered and if you go on and on about how you're not / you guys don't need anything / etc they look at you like you are crazy. We did many of the same things and it turned out well! :)

  7. I would definitely put the crockpot on my list because it's programmable, and I'm assuming auto- shutoff? I would use it way more than I currently use mine. Also, the hammock because comfort, the luggage (hello, spinny wheels!), and the vaccuum. I've never heard of it, but I love the idea of the Honeyfund!!

  8. Situs yang paling terkenal bisa saja dipercaya dan memiliki reputasi baik sampai batas waktu tertentu, namun ada beberapa situs tidak dapat menunjukkan tingkat integritas dan transparansi yang nyaman bagi kita. kalian benar-benar.


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