Wednesday Workout: Workout Clothes for the Heat + A Confession

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Well it's almost summer and trillion % humidity has made its way to DC! Does anyone else out there have a hard time adjusting to the heat/extreme sweat? I try to stay hyrdated but maaann. Extreme heat = time for new workout clothes (darn I guess I'll just do some shopping!)

So, first a confession. Harrison DJs for Lululemon and gets paid in Lulu merchandise. I have gotten pretty accustomed to the nicest workout clothes that just do everything exactly right (really the designers at Lulu think of everything). So I've been working out in these $100+ exercise clothes that I've never paid for. But the DJ shifts aren't rolling in like they used to so now I'm back to the basics: shopping clearance and outlets and Kohl's. Here's what I have my eye on:

$7.99 Xersion Loose Mesh Racerback Tank Top @ J.C. Penney's  (hello bright and yes please to mesh inserts that let the breeze in)

$8.49 C9 Champion Sports Bra @ Target (I own two of these and they are so raggedy because I always wear them and never get around to replacing them).

$11.99 Tek gear ® banded bottom racerback workout tank @ Kohl's (do not underestimate the power of the breeze coming in that hole in the back)

$14.99 Under Armour Rally Shorts from (I have these shorts now and they are so perfect - they don't ride up, they fit my butt, and there is tons of mobility. Just one problem: I'm pretty sure my cheeks hang out the bottom. I'm trying this pair next because they're longer)

$12 Skinny Fly Away Tamer Headband @ Lululemon (velvet lining keeps it in place, sweat wicking fabric keeps sweat out of your eyes, and the headband makes sure I don't have a zillion tiny flyaways matted to my face in sweat).

A lot of people recommended Fabletics to me and here is how I felt about my experience: $25 off my first outfit made for a great price. Otherwise I'm not so impressed with the prices. My outfit was leggings and a tank. I love the tank, not so wild about the leggings. The leggings fit awkwardly and the fabric was HOT aka not breathable, and the size that fit my booty does NOT fit my waist - as soon as I drop into down dog everyone gets a full moon. Not cute. Anyone else have similar or different experiences? Kelly has a really thorough review of her experience and she liked her leggings a lot more than I liked mine.

What are your favorite summer workout accessories/clothes? Where do you find reasonably priced quality workout clothes?

PS: Check me out on Body Design Personal Training's blog! They have lots of healthy recipes and workouts. Gooditmes!


  1. thanks for your thoughts on fabletics - I keep getting emails to become a VIP member snd get a good amount off my first outfit but I never know about sizes online so I haven't bought anything. Glad to know the leggings are funny bc that was the whole reason I was going to buy anything!

  2. Dang, that is too bad your Fabletics leggings didn't fit well! Also, I've never checked out Lululemon, which sounds like probably is a good thing for my bank account. Thanks for the shout-out, so glad to see you back in action in blog world!!

  3. Oooh great info on fabletics and I really really need new workout clothes.... Truth? I'm holding out until I can buy them in the SIZE i want them. So - it's motivating me to workout more! SO SAD SO BACKWARDS!

    1. haha no I know exactly what you mean! But it works!!

  4. Oh man, that was awesome that you were getting paid in Lulu clothes!!! I always get my work out clothes at TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack and Kohl's. I love that first bright top!!! It is how as balls down here and I am DYING during my runs. No one should produce this much sweat. Ever.

  5. Ugh the humidity down here is about to be the death of me!

  6. i haven't tried fabletics because $25 sounds great but nothing higher.. you know? plus i've heard good and bad things, and i'm just not interested enough to try it out. i get most of my workout gear from tj maxx. i love that he was paid in lululemon merch, that is amazing. and champion sports bras are my fave!! i found a few at tj maxx for under $10 haha.

  7. I effing hate the heat!!! I wear as little as possible lol and if it's hot or not breathable for get it. I really like some of the pieces I have purchased at Old Navy!

  8. I just purchased my first Lululemon pants, and holy hell, I'm in love. I stare at my butt every time I put them on. I'm so jealous that you received many pairs for free! I do like workout clothes from Target! And I like Victoria's Secret workout clothes. The material is a bit more on par with Lululemon, but not that price.

  9. I always love these posts. Workout clothes give me such an inspiration to get my butt running/in the gym!

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  11. Dang, that is too bad your Fabletics leggings didn't fit well! Also, I've never checked out Lululemon, which sounds like probably is a good thing for my bank account. Thanks for the shout-out, so glad to see you back in action in blog world!!
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