Thursday, August 13, 2015


Breakfast salads for approximately 2 meals per day. 2 eggs over easy or soft boiled + diced tomatoes + spinach + salsa verde + sriracha. Yes. OMG yes.


Do you ever put something on like "oh this will be boring enough to just have on in the background and I won't pay any attention" then 2 hours later you are on the edge of your seat over gamers in South Korea who accidentally killed their baby because they confused reality and video game world? Just me? This "background" documentary was called Love Child on HBO. WTF. Don't watch it before bed because this thing takes you inside the video game and you'll be having nightmares about running through a rainbow tunnel from a winged Arnold-Schwarzzanegger-esque monster.


Just finished In the Woods - murder mystery in Ireland. It was ok...I didn't love Lovely Bones either, and I think this is a book for that crowd. I've been on a North Korea kick - the more I read about it the more I'm like WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON EVERYWHERE. I started with Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea - memoirs of North Korean defectors and am now on The Orphan Master's Son. F*cking fascinating.

Looking forward to:

Government is out which means DC shuts down for the summer which means I get 4 day work weeks in August. Yes. Yes yes yes yes yessssss. It's crazy how one less day of work each week actually makes me more productive.


Doing the dishes. I spent years in apartments and houses with no dishwashers. Now I have a dishwasher. Now I want more. Someone to come to my house and do my dishes for me perhaps? A live-in staff? LOLLLLLLLOLOL.

Exercising with:

"To thank everyone for getting us to two million followers, we're going to kick your a$s!" Thanks Fitness Blender! But for real, this 1,000 Calorie Workout is a good one. 

Confused by:

Kylie Jenner. Is she ok? Why has she been allowed to date this grown man? And did the Kardashians really have an intervention with her re: plastic surgery and if so wouldn't it have been a little easier to just not sign off on a child getting plastic surgery? AM I MISSING SOMETHING HERE? And wtf happened to Rob? is he alive?? 


How beautiful is this dress. And how far out of my price range is it...womp womp,


 Reflective. I hit my 2 year anniversary at work this summer and am so thankful for the work-life balance I have been able to achieve with this job while still making a difference. Also going to friends' weddings has me reflecting on my own relationship. A lot to be thankful for over here!


Upcoming travel - Richmond this weekend to get my sister-in-law moved into college (tear!!), Richmond the next weekend for a one year old birthday party, Labor Day wedding in Charleston, Boston wedding the next weekend, cabin weekend in Luray, VA with friends, and a winery wedding. Thank you, Rover for always keeping me stocked with awesome, affordable dog sitters.


Just got this  Club L Cap Sleeve Body-Conscious Dress in Watercolour Floral Print for $17 from Asos and loooove it. Asos you KILL ME and I LOVE YOU. Head's up: it runs real small. Also about to buy all these on ASOS 60% off work clothes sale (PS am I boring for only wearing black to work?):

Wanting to

Catch up on blog reading! I have missed being in the know about what everyone in the blog world is up to!


Social Media. I have wasted so much time scrolling through my Facebook feed to see what people I haven't spoken to in years are doing. Limiting Instagram to once/day and FB to once/week (eeeek).


  1. No stinking fair - I want Friday's off! You've got quite the busy few weeks ahead of you :)

  2. Breakfast salads for the win!!! I am going to try that. Omg... that dress, I would kill for it so beautiful. I have been a horrible blogger this summer and not reading much either. On the plus side I already wrote my post for tomorrow cause going out tonight for drinks lol. Ooops I did it again

  3. I try to not worry so much about checking social media all the time anymore. It just stresses me out and it is usually so much negativity! I hate doing the dishes. It is like one of the worst things about being an adult. And they never end!!! I love that dress you got, so pretty :)

  4. I'm confused by Kylie Jenner's face. She was so pretty before, and now she just looks plastic. And I completely agree that they should have just not signed the papers! I need to limit by FB checking because it actually annoys me more than does anything positive for my life, but I'm not giving up FB- give me allllltheprettypictures! So jealous about your 4 day work weeks!

  5. I'm so jealous of your 4 day workweeks in august!!!

  6. So many amazing trips coming up! And obsessed with all those dresses - gorgeous! I'm also now totally craving one of those breakfast salads YUM :)

  7. i wish i had your restraint with social media! it's all the time for me. and yay for 4 day work days!! woo hoo!

  8. oooh breakfast salads look amazing (without sriracha for me). good for you for limiting your IG, I am on that one the most, I rarely get on FB.
    hahaha i'm the same with the dishes. the house we are in now is literally the first dishwasher i've ever had and i reckon the dishes pile up more now!

  9. they mysteries of Kylee Jenner and the Kardashians will be forever unsolved.

  10. Breakfast salad never sounded too appetizing to me before. That is until a few months ago I had this amazing breakfast quiche with a tiny little salad and awesome little dressing withit. Changed my life! And now I see yours?! And I. Must. Have.

    1. Oh, and was that "background"show an actual documentary?!


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