and we're back in action

Sunday, April 5, 2020

body of water under sky
Picture via Unsplash

I kept saying I would go back to writing when I had more time, and just like that a global pandemic strikes and I'm quarantined in the house for weeks (months?). So we're back.

Things are different because I'm different, and because Migos destroyed my killer SEO, but same values, same idea, just a little more grown up and a rebrand. Keeping my URL the same because figuring out starting from scratch or creating a new URL or whatever seems like a very impractical use of time. I'll be incorporating some redesign stuff over the next few weeks and as always - love your feedback, and thanks for the patience, this will get prettier and easier to navigate by the day.

Excited to reconnect and to be back in the game and thank you for the continued support over the years!

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